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There are several possible reasons for moving to an IP phone system. Regardless of your personal motivations, you need to ask some serious questions to make sure you're getting a solution that meets your needs. Here are some reasons that might inspire your move, along with the questions to ask to make sure it succeeds.

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Telnetphone Lines

TelnetPhone VoIP Phone  Line Service

 TelnetPhone save upto 70% on your phone line

Replace your phone line with TelnetPhone

TelnetPhone requires High Speed Internet

A Vancouver company with live technical support.
On-site phone line installation is available for your convenience.

Resellers and Retailers are welcome

Congratulations! You have just discovered the most advanced VoIP service on the market today. TelnetPhone harnesses the power of the Internet to offer you low cost state-of-the-art phone line services. To setup your account please SIGN UP and follow the directions provided. Once you have activated your account you will be able to immediately use your new TelnetPhone service and start saving on both your monthly and long distance phone bills.

The TelnetPhone adapter provides you with one or two local phone lines. You may use your TelnetPhone to make unlimited local calls free of charge. Low cost long distance service is also enabled so that you can talk with your family and friends all over the world. And that is only the beginning! Some of the other great features include call display, call waiting, voice mail and more. With the “call forward” feature you can even set your TelnetPhone adapter to forward all your calls to your cell phone or any other phone when you are on the go. Imagine a telephone system smart enough to follow you wherever you go! In today’s hectic world, TelnetPhone can make your life so much easier.

If I have the TelnetPhone service, who can I call? PDF Print E-mail

You are able to call any phone number, anywhere in the world. The call can be made to local number, a mobile phone number, long distance number, or an international number. You may even utilize the service to speak with more than one person at a time. The person you are calling does not need any special equipment, just a telephone.

What are the differences between the TelnetPhone service and my current phone line? PDF Print E-mail

You will not notice many differences between TelnetPhone and your traditional phone line. TelnetPhone has a similar set of features and works with any standard telephone. What you will immediately notice is the difference in pricing. We are much less expensive than the traditional service! You will be able to keep your current number with you even if you move to a different part of the city, country or continent! Anyone dialing your Vancouver number will ring your adapter no-matter where the adapter is in the world (as long as it's connected to a high-speed Internet connection).

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Our goal is to keep you ahead of the competition by being your one place does it all solution.

AEBC Internet was founded in 1996 as an ISP division of AE Electronics.  We see a vision that inspires us to be a new kind of company, a company that makes it easy for its customers to experience the power of new technologies and different level of services.

For more information on our complete list of services, please visit WWW.AEBC.COM.

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